Our Services!


We believe in seeing people smile both young and old because we believe everyone deserves a better life. we believe in touching the life of our members and non members including the less privilege, orphans, widows,and troubled communities. All our members are required to recommend any such individuals who needs such help to the organisation.


Due to our vision to get lives empowered, wc connect organises regular skill acquisition trainings for members and non members of wc connect international.Ranging from computer training,solar energy installation, satellite, fashion designs, Air freshener, Body perfume/body spray, Germicide (Izal), Antiseptic (Dettol), Liquid Soap (instant method), Liquid Soap (Soak method), Tablet/Bar Soap, Stain Remove (Bleach), Toilet Wash, Car wash, Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline), Body Cream, Hair Cream, Medicated anti dandruff Hair Cream, Insecticide, Custard, Dustin Powder, White Powder, Chocolate Ice Cream, Banana Ice Cream, Best Ice Cream, After shave, Paint Making, Bead making, Hat making, Biscuit production etc.


Wc connect international offers scholarship to better the educational life of members and non members. This is done without asking for a coin from members or whosoever they introduced for this service.this service is available for orphans, motherless or fatherless children, children of clergy men.This scholarship are available for international and national institutions.


WC Connect does not just teach you or stir up your visions alone, we also help you with provions because we believe every vision needs provision. At stage 3 which is called CONNECT BALANCED BOSS even while you are being paid your level earnings wc connect still gives you a cash of $2000 (non refundable) to support your business or anything you want to venture into.


Wc connect international gives no interest loans without collateral to its members and non members introduced by team leaders only. Our loan amounts are between $10,000 to $50,000. you can consult your team leader or customer care for detail explanation .


WC connect makes it easy for its members to own houses, cars, laptops, mobile phones and many more without paying a coin. Its all free from WC CONNECT.You stand a chance to own a Brand new bungalow worth 140,000USD,at level 6(connect executive chair person)and another Brand new duplex worth 900,000USD,100,000USD furnishing allowance in any city and location of your choice


To make life better,wc connect gives it qualified members and family the opportunity to have holidays abroad in Dubai and Paris. see compensation for more.